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The Negative Side of Paying College Athletes

            Every year in the United States, over 100,000 collegiate student-athletes participate in a variety of different sports - and currently, they do not receive paychecks for their performances. Many people have asked the question, should college athletes start getting paid? The simple answer to that question is "no." The system that is in place now for current athletes is perfect since it gives athletes opportunities, but does not place them above the other students more than they already are.There would be many downfalls if the NCAA and universities started to pay their athletes. .
             College athletes would feel as if they are professional athletes and that is exactly what they are not. They are simply playing a sport, whichever one it may be, and that is it. Sports are games and unless one is playing at the professional level one should not receive any sort of cash payment. High school sports also generate money for their high school, but those athletes are not paid. They play because they love competition, teamwork, and the sport. There is no reason to pay college athletes because they are students first and academics should be one's first priority, they already receive their fair share in extras, many of the athletes receive financial help through athletic scholarships, and the NCAA is an amateur enterprise and no amateur athlete in any sport is paid. .
             The main reason colleges exist is to allow people the chance to get an education and earn a degree. Student-athletes are no exception to this. Just as other students are involved in clubs or groups, athletes play sports. Those students are students first and then they are members of their club. In the name student-athletes, student comes before athlete showing that being a student should be one's first priority. Athletes are no exception and should not be paid because the reason they are at college is to get an education and playing a sport should just be an extracurricular activity.

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