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Environmental Isolate

             Many bacteria of clinical importance survive and may grow in different environments (Tello, Austin, and Telfer, 2012). The environment is the perfect place for millions of bacteria to grow everyday. Because of different weather or location environments bacteria have evolved to become stronger and more resistant to things in their surroundings. They have also become very resistant to antibiotics that either are natural and come from the environment or man made. Measured environmental concentrations of antibiotics, as well as concentrations representing environmental risk, are high enough to exert a selective pressure on clinically relevant bacteria that may lead to an increase in the prevalence of bacteria (Tello, Austin, and Telfer, 2012). This is why bacteria are such an important topic to study and learn more about. Its necessary to be educated on this subject to understand how the bacteria are growing and building their tolerance to today's medicine. The human race can create new antibiotics but only once we understand the complete makeup of bacteria.
             There are just a small proportion of bacterias that has been characterized and isolated. Microbes comprise up to one-third or more of the Earth's biomass, yet fewer than 8,000 microbes have been described out of the approximately 3,000,000 that are presumed to exist (Jeremy, 2012). This describes how many and how diverse microbes are. They are constantly evolving and growing into microscopic animals in the environment. Soil bacteria may contain antibiotic resistance genes responsible for different mechanisms that permit them to overcome the natural antibiotics present in the environment (Canton, 2009). Even in the environment the bacteria growing just even built a resistance to their surroundings as a survival mechanism which is why it is necessary to study what scientists can do to keep harm out. .
             The objective was to isolate and characterize and unknown environmental organism by determining the metabolic processes through the use of biochemical tests and stains.

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