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Marketing a Children's Party Business

            The Children's Party Company, established in January 2010, sells two party packages: Party Package Basic and Party Package Broad. The packages consist of either a pirate or princess theme party. Both packages consist of theme appropriate entertainment (either princess bracelet crafts or a pirate game), a clown, a make-up booth (either princess themed or pirate themed) and a jump house located at a restricted birthday party area in a local playground.
             The two packages differ in price and features, and are based on booking a party with a maximum of ten children.
             Party Package Basic (pirate or princess theme).
             Normal birthday cake.
             Several snacks and drinks included.
             No lunch included.
             Small candy present for the kids to take home.
             Party Package Broad (pirate or princess theme).
             Normal birthday cake.
             Several snacks and drinks included.
             Lunch included.
             Gift package including candy, a pirate or princess doll and pirate or princess decorated cupcakes.
             Birthday girl or boy gets a booklet containing pictures of the party.
             Besides the two standard party packages, consumers may choose one or more additional features between this set of additional features:.
             Additional Party Features at Additional Prices .
             Ice cream for all the kids.
             Pirate hat or princess crown for birthday boy or girl .
             Magician instead of clown .
             All kids receive a booklet containing party pictures .
             A puppet show .
             Since the establishment of our company in January 2010, our company is making steady profit and so far consumer purchases are roughly equally divided between Party Package Basic and Party Package Grand.
             After taking consumers feedback into consideration about the need for a more luxurious party package option my manager designed a third party package: Party Package Deluxe. This package is not yet available for consumers since the right price for party package Deluxe is not yet determined. .
             The specific features of Party Package Deluxe are given below:.

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