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Comparing Rap and Blues Music

            Blues and rap are two extremely controversial music genres that arose from the black community. Both styles of music are frequently seen as rebellious - even sacrilegious. The roots of blues music can be traced to Negro spirituals. The negative connotation associated with both genres can be greatly attributed to the elements of sex, gambling, and drinking which are commonly associated with rap and blues. .
             Blues music is very structured in its form. Songs are usually 12bars, 16 bars, or 8 bars. Each has a very specific set of rhyme schemes. Call and response is common in blues. Repetition of lines is also common. Blues can be both sung and spoken. Blues was created at the tail end of the 19th century in the South region of the United States. It was influenced heavily by sacred sorrow songs, work songs, and spirituals. Southern blues was used to express struggles and sorrowful occurrences that were common in the African American communities. Lost love, bad luck, discrimination and loss of a loved one are among other themes common in blues. Blues was considered "the Devil's music" by most Christians. .
             During the Second World War, blues migrated to urban communities, as black people moved to major cities seeking work. Other styles began to develop, such as Chicago Blues, Kansas City Blues, Piedmont Blues, Saint Louis Blues, and other variations. Musicians such as Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, and Bo Didley introduced blues to whites in the music industry, and quickly became a popular music form. The topics that were being discussed became to evolve into more urban issues. Females such as Ma Rainey began to make big hits in Blues.
             Unlike blues, rap grew out of black urban America. The exact birthplace of rap is has been debated, but it is commonly considered to have started in the Bronx, New York City, in the 1970's. It then migrated to the west coast cities, such as Los Angeles, California.

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