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Child Labor Violations in Third-World Countries

            -------- is a global, multinational company with one specific goal: to provide cheap, delicious, quality chocolate to as many people as possible. It seems that -------- upper management has determined that the best way to cut overall production costs is to send work overseas to third world countries, where children (many under 10 years of age), are used in their manufacturing locations. Much of the cocoa beans harvested for -------- come from the rich soils of farms from Ivory Coast, Africa. Farms that don't exactly have much in the way of governmental oversight which is our polite way of saying they keep over 600,000 children in conditions even Calvin Candie would describe as a bit harsh. So what happened "-------- admitted they'd screwed up and put a stop to the practice, right? Nah. They carried right on buying from those same farms up until 2012, when an internal audit revealed the extent of their collusion. This report, by the way, included information on indentured children with obvious machete wounds, and entire families being forced to work without pay. .
             Now, Nestle has since pledged to eradicate child labor from its supply chain, but judging by how that went in 2001, we won't be holding our breath. "For century cocoa had been consumed to achieve a practical outcome: to increase energy, or to relieve constipation, or to stimulate sexual desire. Now it was pure pleasure, in and of itself. It just tastes good. It gratified the consumer. Naturally, other businessmen took note, and other companies provide competition" (Off 51). The Human right has been violation by making the children in Africa work for the chocolate factory such as --------, --------, --------. These corporations ignored human rights or the labor rights in U.S: In order to make the production input cheaper, they outsource and underpaid the factories and workers in Africa.
             "The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.

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