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The Tumultuous Election of 1800

            The presidential election of 1800 was a political battle between the Federalist and the Democratic-Republicans - and it was one of the nastiest and most heated political races in American history. This election was between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. This election is historical as it was the first time in the country that a political power changed and it did not result in fighting or war. .
             Thomas Jefferson allowed for his name to be nominated for presidency against John Adams when Washington decided to not run for a third term (Parton 2006). The campaign battle between the two was done through the newspapers and they were each critical of one another. Jefferson believed he had an advantage but knew he would have to carry the state of New York to be able to win the election so he chose his running mate strategically as a result, with Aaron Burr from New York (Parton 2006).
             Jefferson felt he had an advantage as Adams approval ratings had fell as a result of the Alien and Sedition acts (Walsh 2008). These acts were a direct tax on the people in 1798 and the use of federal troops to crush a rebellion led by John Fries (Parton 2006). These two things were opposed by many in the country leading to Jefferson receiving support for his different views than Adams. Adams also believed in a unified country that was able to defend themselves against France who possessed much of what is now the United States. He believed in a unified relationship with Britain so that they could work together to help control France (Walsh 2008).
             Thomas Jefferson had very different views. He believed it was more important to have a stronger state and the federal government could be weaker (Walsh 2008). He argued that this was the right point of view as the Constitution clearly stated the importance of powerful states and the role of individual states in government. He showed the people that France did own a great deal of land, but they could not defend that land and they really had little interest in it.

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