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Overview of Major League Baseball

            Most people know the words to the song, "Take Me Out To The Ball Game," and along with being familiar with that baseball stadium classic, they have most likely witnessed an exciting seventh inning stretch. Even though professional baseball has been around since the early years of America, it seems to have lost its magic over the years. Major League Baseball has seen a drastic decrease in not only its fan base but also, the countries respect for several reasons. It seems as if "America's favorite pastime" has been rejected by millions of Americans in the nation. These former fans have possibly gotten sick of the drama that occurs when players demand more money or partake in illegal substances. Perhaps, more Americans find themselves paying more attention to the National Football League. Not to mention, attending a professional baseball game seems to be more expensive than going to an amusement park. America's oldest sport is losing fans and the respect of the nation because of the strike in 1994, the use of steroids, the extremely high expenses of attending a game, and the increasing popularity of the National Football League.
             The strike of 1994 has become the most popular reason for the fan loss in Major League Baseball, also known as the MLB. Many fans found it difficult to support players that were asking for more money when they were already making an enormous salary and playing a sport they loved. No baseball player is going to find a better job than playing a game. One of the greatest events in sports is when the two best baseball teams in the nation face-off. The World Series was canceled due to the strike. Since millions of people look forward to the World Series every year, there was a wave of disappointment across the nation. The strike was viewed as arrogant and selfish. Many fans were not interested in keeping up with the drama. For example, my father was huge baseball fan his whole life.

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