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Abraham - God's Fulfillment of a Promise

            The Bible's book of Genesis is known for its exposition of our beginnings - the first "five days" of creation ushering in the heavens, the earth, the seas and all the creatures who dwell within, the land and it's vast array of vegetation, insects, amphibians and mammals. And on the "sixth day of creation," before His day of rest, God performed what He deemed to be his most wonderful creation; a man - made in his image. .
             well as for the initial fall of man. Genesis describes the re-establishment of a relationship between God and man, through the Jewish people. This book recounts how Abram and his descendants are promised a land, a nation and a blessing. (Genesis 12:1-2 Life Application Study Bible) Ultimately, fulfillment of God's promise would require substantial faith, patience, and devotion. Genesis provides an understanding of the relationship and promises between God and one man, who would become the father of the world's three greatest religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. (Clifford/Harrington, 2012).
             There is no way to know how Abram became converted to a Monotheistic God, revealed to him as El Siddhi. (Hill/Walton, 2009) It was however a powerful enough experience, to provide for conversion from lifelong matriarchal paganism. God would require Abram to relocate his family, possessions and livestock, approximately 600 miles from Ur to Canaan. This began the covenant between Abram and God. The covenant would extend not only during Abrams lifetime but for generations of his progeny. (ERC 2013) God would acknowledge the worthiness of Abram and his descendants, by their faith and obedience. In return, God would change Abram's name to Abraham, (and his wife's from Sarai to Sarah) for he would make him the father of a great nation. (Genesis 12:1-2) He promised Abraham innumerable descendants from which he would bestow a remarkable blessing to be passed from father to son. Finally, he promised Abraham a land whose location and extent was clearly defined (Canaan/Israel).

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