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Women, Men and Beach Volleyball

            Beach volleyball was invented in 1895 by American William G. He blends elements of basketball, baseball, tennis and handball to create a game for his classes of businessmen that wanted a new game with less physical contact. Beach volleyball is an outdoor ball sport, played between two teams of two players on a 16 x 8 meter court divided equally by a net (FIVB). This essay investigates whether the mandated female international Beach Volleyball uniform impacts upon the participation of individuals and groups in society in the sport of beach Volleyball. .
             The controversy started in 1999 when the Federation Internationale de volleyball changed the uniform regulations for the female beach volleyball athletes to swim attire. This revealing change allows no more than 6 cm of clothe at the hip', while males have few rules in what they have to wear. Not only does this leave an area of inequity but it also means that because of cultural beliefs and structural funding, participation from individuals and groups are limited. Changing the females uniform was for no reason other than to try and gain viewers through sexploitation. .
             Gender equity is far from being achieved. The belief the women can be little more than pretty is the sole cause for it. In the 2011 world championships for beach volleyball, Russia, Brazil, Bulgaria and Italy were all fined over $1000 for their female athletes wearing baggy shirts while the men were allowed to compete in knee length shorts and T-shirts. April Ross, Australian representative volleyballer states: "we argue for the men to go without shirts all the time. Men have such amazing bodies too. They shouldn't be wearing tank tops. Give them shorts and make them go without a shirt.".
             According to the Women's Sports Foundation, male athletes get $179 million more in athletic scholarships each year than females do. Female athletes receive only 43% of participation opportunities, which is 56,110 opportunities less than their male counterparts.

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