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Overview of Marriott International

            Marriott International is an American hospitality company that has dealership of a broad list of lodging facilities and hotels. It was founded by J. Willard Marriott in May 15, 1927 with headquarters are in Bethesda, Maryland. Today, the President and CEO of Marriott is Arne Sorenson and Bill Marriott is the Executive Chairman (Clabaugh, Jeff, 2011). Its 2011 revenue was reported to be 12.31 billion and net income 198 million. The entire information regarding Marriott international can be viewed in the website marriott.com. Marriott International has more than 3,700 properties in more than 73 countries. .
             In 1927, John Willard Marriott, opened a nine-seat root-beer stand in Washington DC. This business organization flourished many years to include airline catering (1937), food service management (1939, fast-food and family restaurants, senior living services and adjustment (1989), housework and washing services (1989) and food selling. In 1957 the Company opened its first hotel, the Twin Bridges Marriott Motor hotel, in Arlington, Virginia. In the year 1964 its name changed to Marriott-Hot Shoppes and JW Marriott Jr taken became president and, in 1972, followed his father as chief executive officer. In 1967 this grouping changed its name to the Marriott Corporation. In 1969 Marriott made its first go abroad with a hotel in Acapulco, Mexico. .
             In 1975, the group opened its first European hotel in Amsterdam, Holland. In 1982 Marriott purchased airport food and product wheeler dealer Host International. In 1983 the first court by Marriott opened near Georgia, Atlanta. Marriott made its UK launching with the five-star London Marriott in Grosvenor Square, London. In the year 1987 Marriott adopted the Residence Inn Company, an all-suite broadened halt hotel chain. The Fairfield Inn in Atlanta, Georgia, became its first saving hotel. In 1989-1990 Marriott sold its fast food and family restaurants to concentrate on hotels and contract services.

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