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Saint Vincent De Paul Village

            Homelessness is a social problem that my community suffers from. It is a condition of people who lack regular access to housing, and is caused by several factors such as mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse, physical or sexual abuse, and simply not having enough money. Homelessness is not just the stereotype that people think, there is much more behind the sad faces that people see on the streets. .
             At the St. Vincent De Paul Village, it's a "one stop shop " according to Mike Thing, the Facilities Program Manager. One stop shop meaning that they have everything to offer from housing to medical, dental, meals (over 4,000 a day), daycare/educational services, job search, etc. Mike was kind enough to have their tour guide, Julian, give me the grand tour and I really got to see first hand the in's and out's of the organization and everything they have to offer. St. Vincent De Paul is a partner of Father Joe's Village and their mission is "to end homelessness one life at a time. "They do this through what they call their "CREED " which is "Compassion: Concern for others and a desire to assist. Respect: An act of giving particular attention or special regard. Empathy: Understanding, an awareness of and sensitivity to the feelings of others. Empowerment: Helping others to hep themselves. Dignity: Counting all people worthy of our esteem. " On the open page they say "The Regional Task Force on the Homeless counted 9,020 sheltered and unsheltered homeless in the County of San Diego in 2010. St. Vincent de Paul Village saves lives every day by providing basic services that meet immediate needs, inspires lives by providing transformational services that focus on the issues contributing to each client's homelessness and changes lives by providing programs that support our residents' independence. " .
             St. Vincent De Paul has been around for over 60 years; neighbors helping neighbors in the San Diego community.

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