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The Influential Christopher Marlowe

            It might sound absurd to recognize someone who uncovered murder plots, wrote plays about dealing with the devil, and outwardly practiced atheism as one of the most significant writers of recent centuries. However, that's what has happened to the English playwright Christopher Marlowe. Because he was a contemporary of the great English playwright William Shakespeare, he is many times forgotten. However, that should not overshadow his many contributions to Renaissance life and literature. Christopher Marlowe's life was full of literary achievements that have enabled him to have a lasting impact on the world.
             Marlowe's personal life was consumed with literature and espionage. He was born in February of 1564 to a middle-class merchant in Canterbury (World History: The Modern Era). During his younger years, he was educated at King's School, and then at seventeen he entered Benet at Cambridge University (World History: The Modern Era). In 1584, he earned a bachelor's degree, and in 1587 he earned a master's degree (World History: The Modern Era). .
             After completing his education at Cambridge, he moved to London, where he began his playwriting career (World History: The Modern Era). One interesting fact about his personal life was that he was a confirmed atheist (Elizabethan World). Marlowe is best known for his literary endeavors, but he was also a spy for the English government. His first important assignment as a secret agent was in 1584, and he was involved with thwarting the Babington Plot, which sought to murder Queen Elizabeth (The Marlowe Society). Unfortunately, Marlowe died at the young age of twenty-nine (Christopher Marlowe"). Even though he died at a very young age, Marlowe lived a very full life. .
             Marlowe made significant achievements in literature during his short life. His first play, "Tamburlaine the Great," was published in 1590 (World History: The Modern Era). It was the first of his plays to be publicly performed (World History: The Modern Era).

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