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Obesity - Contributing Factors

            One reason why American's have such a huge problem with obesity is that much of the food we consume has harmful ingredients. For example, when people eat too much food with fructose, which is an inexpensive sweetener found in many foods, it will "trick" people's brain into making them think that they are still hungry. The problem is that fructose is a poison, just like alcohol, because it so sweet and help food maintain its sweetness over longer periods of time. Therefore, it effect on brain regions that control appetite. As a result, people are going to eat more and more food. The issue is that the high fructose along with other harmful ingredients is hiding everywhere. .
             Another culprit is processed carbohydrates, often found in beverages such as sodas and fruit juices. For instance, the highly processed carbohydrate leads to increased human's appetite and stimulates the reward center in the brain regions; thus, our body impose many bad materials and cause physical change in our body. For this reason, process foods were indeed considered a likely suspect in obesity and effect our body and brain to absorb more and more calorie. .
             Not only do ingredients cause obesity, but also deception marketing negatively impact the rate of obesity. Marketing has successfully allured many people buying and consuming processed foods repeatedly that have few nutritive value and emphasize the food taste that trick people's taste palates into feeling satisfied. For example, the food industries utilize a smart choice label to make consumer who want to start eating better easily select their food. The products, however, do not have any natural nutritional value because it is so high in sugar. The companies make the product look healthy by promoting the added vitamins in the product without stating the harmful ones. .
             As a result, people become hooked on the product and will want to buy it again and again.

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