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Janie in Their Eyes Were Watching God

            My topic is how the character, Janie, is the true villain in the book, "Their Eyes Were Watching God." I have chosen this topic because I believe I can convince the reader that she is the antagonist in the story while others think she is the protagonist. I will support that she didn't truly love any of the men she married and that she had other motives. Her spontaneous decisions and behavior made her a villain without her even knowing. She used the men for their possessions which satisfied her insecurities and loneliness. I have checked all my sources. .
             Janie's first marriage was forced by her Nanny. Nanny wanted her to be in a secure, protective relationship so she agreed to marry Logan. In my opinion, Janie had a choice whether or not to marry Logan but she only did it to please her Nanny. She could have said no and made her own choices and had a better and less stressful life and she knows it. "He's old, he stinks, and does not consider her as an equal partner in a relationship " (Lester 82). Logan wasn't the greatest husband, but she left him because he wanted her to do more chores around the house and yard and beat her when she didn't. .
             Joe Starks was the next big boy on the block. The soon upcoming mayor found Janie on the side of the road getting water. He thought she was gorgeous and swore to protect her with everything he had. Janie accepted him because of his wealth and position in the town or she would have just blown him off thinking he was just another flirt. "She slept with authority and so she was part of it in the town mind"" (Neale Hurston 46). Janie got married for the second time and again became an object in the marriage. "Janie's rhetorical prowess banishes Joe Starks, the town's most powerful figure, from his porch throne to his sick bed." (Asante 447). Joe was insecure and threatened by her looks so he bossed her around and controlled her. She wanted to please him so she wouldn't be alone, but she knew she had made another bad decision.

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