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The Process and Study of Sleep

            There are two broad categories of consciousness:.
             Altered States of Consciousness (ASC).
             Refers to the states of consciousness associated with being awake and aware of our thoughts, memories, feelings and sensations for the external world.
             Altered States of Consciousness.
             Is any sate of consciousness that is distinctly different from normal waking consciousness, in terms of level of awareness and experience and the intensity of sensations, thoughts, feelings and memories.
             Concepts of ASC from NWC including daydreaming and alcohol-induced states:.
             Levels of Awareness.
             NWC: we are aware of our thoughts, feelings and external stimuli. More aware.
             ASC: we are less aware of our thought, feelings and external stimuli. Less aware.
             Daydreaming: there is a shift from external stimuli to internal thoughts, feelings and imagined scenario's.
             Alcohol-induced state: there is a reduce in our awareness. Such as dangerous objects.
             Content Limitations.
             NWC: it is more restricted or limited through selective attention. So it becomes organized and logical.
             ASC: the content coming in is not as limited, often becoming illogical, disorganized and non-sequential.
             Daydreaming: we have control over our daydreams however it is not as limited .
             Alcohol-induced state: the content limitations start to become impaired or slowed-down.
             Perceptual and Cognitive Distortions.
             NWC: Perception is clear and able to process sensory input. Individuals are aware of own thoughts, which are clear and meaningful.
             ASC: Perceptual distortions may occur. May be experiences stronger or are blurred. Information process is distorted. Thinking may be illogical and non-sequential.
             Daydreaming: Thoughts and feelings are changed from internal and external to just internal.
             Alcohol-Induced State: Perception is slowed down and there are difficulties with understanding, thinking and applying good judgement. Impaired cognitive functions.
             Emotional Awareness.
             NWC: Individuals are aware of emotions and show a normal range of feelings.

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