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FBI and CIA - Invasion of Privacy

            Beginning in the early 1900's, the FBI and CIA have progressively improved technology to their benefit. This information now includes all access of every aspect online, and almost all technology related devices. The FBI claims cellphone records and monitoring the public's online communication is essential to catch criminals red handed. Recently the FBI has attempted to access all sources of social media, determining the internet is the realm of criminals. Even the the FBI and CIA have several privileges to allow them to access personal information from us and secretly spy on our everyday conversations over phone or internet, they still are pressing for more and more information. As innocent people, it's a not only illegal but disrespectfully intrusion to invade our privacy without our acknowledgment or consent.
             Even though the FBI has numerous acts that enable them to spy on our daily lives, they still are pressing for even more power under the Communication Assistance for Law Enforcement Act by trying to access control of all major corporations online. These corporation include social media sites like Instragram, Twitter, Facebook and other public sites. Even big names like Google and Microsoft are being bribed to comply with their demands of monitoring every aspect of their servers. It's not only something they shouldn't be able to do, it's extremely invasion of our privacy across this nation. Before we know it, the only safe place from being watched or observed is away from all technology. Why should both the FBI and CIA be granted the privilege to undermine any internet site to access our private information? .
             If nothing is done they eventually will monitor the entire internet and phone devices. They recently backed up their intention to do so by demanding encryption files from Blackberry and demanding Google to release them any documents they desire from their warehouse. We thought they already held superior control over us but apparently not.

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