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Facebook User Motivation and Concept Maps

            Facebook is a social utility that gives individuals the power to comprehend the world and their surroundings. It provides a way for upcoming adults to make, build and maintain friendships. This article depicts the reasons behind millions of people accessing this site and spending time on it.
             Analytical Thesis.
             An analysis of the motivation behind Facebook usage revealed that a various motivations exist for Facebook users and that they vary with their specific users depending on their needs. Some individuals' user the site for entertainment whiles others to gain information or maintain relationships. People seeking to pass time, entertainment, gaining information spend more time on Facebook compared to those seeking to maintain relationships or personal [removed]Stephanidis 2011, pg 45). Those people found in areas with persecution and ridicule turn to the site for social comparison and voyeurism. .
             Expository Thesis.
             It is necessary to note that Facebook is valued more for its social purposes rather than utilitarian functions. It receives usage in satisfying two basic social wants from its users. This is the need or urge to belong to something and personal expression or self-presentation. Even in the presence of cultural differences, demographic variability, and differences in personal wants, these two needs remain the most influential (enhancing learning through technology 2011, pg 45).
             Argumentation Thesis.
             The main motivation that Facebook offers its users is by acting as a constant and reliable medium to obtain information about friends rather than a medium by which peers can communicate and meet new people. The photos, status, notes among other things shared on the home page act as a source of information for the users about their peers. People rely on such information that is readily available and easily obtainable as well as public.
             Concept Mapping and Learner Reflection .

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