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1984 and Minority Report

            People tend to envision the future as an amazing point in time, filled with technological luxuries; and these technological luxuries bring them peace. Contrary to popular prediction of writers and directors, "1984"" and "Minority Report"" portrays a world which is lack of ethical notions (based on the time they are published both work tells about the future) In both work writers try to create a flawless system to manage society and monitor people against their will. These two systems differentiate in the degree of control. In "1984," a government is created to be infallible and powerful. .
             The system in the book is run by "The Party"". The party members are willing to control a stable society, in order to achieve their desires they build a totalitarian regime. In this regime people have no privacy in their homes, in the streets or in the works. They are watched by the "Big Brother"" any time and everywhere. Also their most main need love restricted through this system. Similarly, in "Minority Report," the law force is created which can stop crime before it happens through "precogs." Precogs are three drug induced individuals who can sense murders before they occur. Therefore it would create a flawless society where people can live safely and stably. In minority report the overall the government's desire is to protect its citizens. Therefore the aim of the both work is to create a flawless system but the methods are different. .
             In "1984," people are brainwashed by the Party. "War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength";" by these slogans it is easy to predict the Party's ideology. This ideology is to gather citizens against a common enemy (Goldstein) in order to maintain internal peace, people with freedom will be unsuccessful so became slaves, people who do not question contradictions makes the government powerful. Similarly, in the "Minority Report" people who questioned governments in order to understand the contradictions causes the program of pre-crime to shut down.

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