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Gregor Samsa in The Metamorphosis

            Franz Kafka's "The Metamorphosis," presents the story of a Gregor Samsa's disturbing transformation into a bug, which strains both the relationships between other characters in the story with Gregor and the relationship Gregor has with himself. Through the characters' actions in light of Gregor Samsa's change, Franz Kafka not only reveals the dynamic symbiosis between a person's need to feel both pleasure and pain, but seems to also use this knowledge in the very construction of this narrative to manipulate his readers. With the narrative written from Gregor's perspective, presenting Gregor's internal narrative and though, the true extent of submission to others that Gregor practices is understood, like how he submits to the suffering at a miserable job, or when we surrenders as a victim to his buggy condition rather than attempting to better his situation.
             Gregor Samsa is revealed as a masochist from the very beginning of the story. From the first few paragraphs of "The Metamorphosis," Kafka portrays that Gregor is shy, lacks self confidence, and rather than ­ having just awoken as a giant bug ­ address his transformation as many another protagonist might, he immediately explores feelings of self hate, isolation and inadequacy. It is almost as the transformation does not put Gregor in a place far from his norm, as he finds the actuality of it far more acceptable than do his peers. Furthermore, before Gregor has even managed to get out of bed, we learn that his drive is not to find pleasure for himself, but rather for others, in such a way that Gregor is only convinced is sufficient if it involves pain and suffering on his part. For example, when describing what his employment is like he describes it as an "exhausting job," (2) where he has no friends, sense of security or regularity and where his employer" [sits] on high at a desk and [talks] down to employees" (2).

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