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King Baldwin in Kingdom of Heaven

            In the 2005 film, "Kingdom Of Heaven," King Baldwin often cites God as the reason he is in a position of great power. He often prevailed to be the more faith-filled leader, and was confident about talking about his faith; he had genuine faith in God. King Baldwin also consistently portrayed his strong leadership qualities that helped prove him to be not only the more faith filled leader, but also the more respected of the two. These qualities consisted of selflessness and unselfishness, trust in others and God, good judge of character, loyalty, and the fact that he was very wise. The King's rare ability to string the key qualities that make up a very good leader together made a large contribution to his success, along with his reliance and help from God. .
             The first example of how King Baldwin was an effective faith filled leader can be proven through his confidence and refusal to back down to Saladin even though Saladin approaches him with a much larger army than he has. The King even stated "We must meet him (Saladin) before he reaches Kerak. I will lead the army. "King Baldwin knows that God wants him to fight in the war versus Saladin despite the difference in army size, and he proves to be faithful as he indeed does lead his army into the war even though all odds are against him. This situation is the first example of how the King proves himself to be a good leader while keeping his faith intact with God. This is also a good example of how King Baldwin consistently showed loyalty to not only God but to the army and people as it has been stated that the King will personally will lead them into a potential battle, and will not watch others put their lives on the line while he is on the sidelines. It is always important to have a leader that will not only lead by saying they will do something, but also with actions as it proves that the person in position of leadership takes pride in what they plan to do, and aren't just making a statement of which they will not make an attempt to take part in.

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