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The Fight of James Young

            After leaving the Air Force in 2007, James Young became a military contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan. Due to the needs of a strong military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, Young felt that he could do his country a favor by stepping up to contribute to the cause. While following strict protocol, his company sent him directly to Dubai for treatment by professional specialists, who determined that he also suffered other injuries, such as damaged cartilage in his neck followed by a torn meniscus in his left knee. He was hospitalized in Dubai for two days following a knee arthroscopy, and then sent home to Georgia to recover for six to twelve months. It has been hard on James for the sole purpose that he doesn't really understand life outside of the fight. That is because since he has been an adult, the fight has been his purpose. Now without the support the active duty injured soldier gets in the community, he must find a unique way to deal with it. .
             When arriving home, James immediately had to go in for another surgery on his neck area. The only thing he searched for was counseling on how to adapt to life after the flight. Adding the injury to it is even harder to find information. While he is a student at Devry University, he also tries to find time adapting to the school and college life. Although it may be one of the answers to helping his adaptation, it isn't proven yet. We all hope for the best due to James having to find his way with little to no help from outside sources. .
             James came from a family in whom his great grandfather and grandfather dies in World War II. His father got wounded in Vietnam, and he has two brothers that both have purple hearts from wounds in the Iraq and Afghanistan War. It is hard to paint the picture of James to you but it is easy to paint the picture of him to myself; One of the reasons being that I watch him adapt to this new life outside of the fight.

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