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Summary - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

            The film, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," directed by Michel Gondry, is a critically acclaimed science fiction/romance. This film follows Joel Barish's and Clementine Kruczynski's separation after a miserable, two-year relationship. They both separately undergo a procedure performed by the Lacuna company. The company's technicians have the technology that allows them to erase people's memories and certain past experiences, in which the procedure takes place while the person is asleep. The film also follows the relationship between the employees and owner of Lacuna, in which the owner, Dr. Mierzwiak and the company's secretary, Mary have an unorthodox love affair, and results in Mary having her memory of the affair erased. .
             During Joel's procedure of having Clementine erased from his memory, Joel re- visits all of the memories shared with Clementine and finds a new love for her. This rekindled love of Clementine changes his mind about the procedure and no longer wants the ongoing procedure done. Joel then proceeds to save his memories of Clementine by hiding Clementine in other memories she is not a part of, but his attempt in doing so fails. .
             The film attempts to analyze questions through the film's main idea, which asks whether the absence of a person's memories contributes to a person's well-being of their personality traits and themselves as a whole, or according to the film's title, does a spotless mind have eternal sunshine? An example of this idea being portrayed throughout the film is the day after Joel's procedure, Clementine coincidentally re-meets Joel on a train coming from Montauk, New York to Rockville (Gondry 4:50 – 9:04), and both characters become immediately attracted to each other through conversation. .
             Although Clementine and Joel do not agree on everything, they have an undeniable, natural chemistry; this is heard through sound in the film content.

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