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Theatrical Drama - Doubt: A Parable

            In "Doubt: A Parable"," both Sister Aloysius and Father Flynn are the antithesis of each other. Father Flynn seems to be amiable, open-minded, and flexible, while Sister Aloysius appears to be a rigid, conservative and doctrinaire. However, at the end of the play, they both change into the person they disapprove before. Father Flynn becomes the defender of rules; meanwhile, Sister Aloysius turns to be a violator of disciplines. However, they are different. Father Flynn is a hypocrite because what he reveals on the outside is inconsistent with his actual belief inside. On the other hand, Sister Aloysius is not hypocritical because, even though she is a liar, she never betrays her faith, and she has some reasons which are hard to disclose.
             Father Flynn is hypocritical throughout the play. He does not follow what he claims in several occasions. For example, when Father Flynn talks with Sister Aloysius and Sister James about the plan for Christmas, he says "I think a message of the Second Ecumenical Council was that the Church needs to take on a more familiar face. Reflect the local community"" (1952). He also proposes secular songs "Frosty the Snowman and ice-cream for Christmas, which are new things brought to the Catholic school by him. He looks to believe that the Church should not be too scared to approach. It is necessary to catch up the fashion regardless of the some old superstitious belief of the Church so that the Church can be more attractive to children naturally. However, later when he is in trouble confronting Sister Aloysius, he changes dramatically into a discipline guard. .
             Instead of explaining facts, Father Flynn focuses on the process system of the Church. "You should've spoken to the pastor. That's not the proper route for you to have taken, Sister! The Church is very clear. You are supposed to go through the pastor. You have no right to go rummaging through my past!" "(1965).

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