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Jimmy Carter - America's 39th President

            , who was more commonly known as Jimmy Carter was the 39th president of the United States. He served one term as president for the Democratic Party from 1977-1981, but there is much more to his life than just his presidency. Jimmy Carter was born on October 1st, 1924 in Plains, Georgia. His father James Earl Carter Sr. was a peanut farmer and entrepreneur. He was a prevalent member of their small town community. Jimmy had three siblings in which he was the oldest. His mother Bessie Lillian Gordy was a registered nurse, and raised Jimmy on the importance of equality. This is a belief that he would support throughout his political career. The Carter family tree can be traced back to the early colonial period of America. His ancestors, who were middle-class farmers settled and lived in Georgia for many generations. Also, they have fought in both the American Revolution and the Civil war. .
             Young Jimmy Carter grew up on his father's farm in Archery, Georgia only a few miles from where he was born in Plains. He was expected to help out with chores around the house and farm. Their home was nothing more than a cottage that didn't even have indoor plumbing or electricity. Growing up in this type of environment taught Jimmy a great deal about being a hard worker. Jimmy started school at age 6, where he attended an all white school in Plains, Georgia. This was a small country school that went from grades one to eleven. Jimmy was one of the brighter students that attended the school. During his 8th grade year he joined the debate team where they conversed about general social issues. .
             Also in his high school years, Jimmy was a member of the schools basketball team as well as being an active member of the Future Farmers of America Organization. After graduating from High School, Jimmy registered at Georgia Southwestern College in Americus, Georgia. He attended college here for a short time taking courses in chemistry and engineering.

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