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Standard Progressive Matrices

             To access the abstract intelligence of the participant using the Standard Progressive Matrices.
             The standard progressive matrix is a non-verbal test developed by John C. Raven in 1936. It is generally administered upon the people from 5 year old to elderly. It contains 60 multiple choice questions that is of completing different pictures according to different level of difficulty. It generally measures the spearman's general ability. Thus first we need to know what Spearman's theory of intelligence is. .
             Spearman's theory of intelligence originally originated with the work on children's performance in school test. He observed the simple fact that children's performance in all seemingly unrelated subject in positively correlated. Spearman gave the concept of G factor means the general intelligence. The a priori truth behind his theory was that any cognitive task can be comparing other cognitive tasks. He used the method of factor analysis in order to determine the number and nature of tasks. Spearman concluded that any person doing well on one test would also perform well on other types of task. And those who perform badly on one test would also perform badly on the other tests. Here Spearman himself explain the basic concept of his theory.
             When asked what G is, one has to distinguish between the meanings of terms and the facts about things. G means a particular quantity derived from statistical operations. Under certain conditions the score of a person at a mental test can be divided into two factors, one of which is always the same in all tests, whereas the other varies from one test to another; the former is called the general factor or G, while the other is called the specific factor. This then is what the G term means, a score-factor and nothing more. But this meaning is sufficient to render the term well defined so that the underlying thing is susceptible to scientific investigation; we can proceed to find out facts about this score-factor, or G.

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