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Assignment Requirements - Writing Your Narrative Essay

            In Learning and Teaching (English 2000), students will be asked to consider topics such as how do we best learn, and what constitutes knowledge worth learning anyway? To that end, we are beginning the class with an assignment in which you will consider your own education up to this point. How have you been taught? Who were your teachers, and what did they want you to learn? What has your education prepared you for? .
             You will write a narrative essay that responds to these questions. Your learning narrative should be a thoughtful meditation on yourself as a learner. While you will be chronicling your educational history so far, I do not want you to submit a dull piece of writing that broadly describes your experiences in the classroom from kindergarten to the present day. Rather, your learning narrative should focus on a moment in your education that was transformational for you, one of those "ah ha " moments where you suddenly have an important realization about yourself as a student or what your teachers are trying to do. This moment should be the lens through which you view all other past and present educational experiences. .
             Moreover, your learning narrative should show me that you have a working knowledge of Paulo Freire's ideas about education in his book Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Use his ideas about the banking model of education and the problem posing model of education as a framework through which you explain your own experiences. Finally, your learning narrative might consider more than just your classroom experiences. Remember that we learn a lot of major life lessons outside of the formal classroom, and that sometimes, we learn information from people who are not our teachers, or we learn lessons from our teachers that they did not set out to teach us. .
             A good learning narrative should have the following elements: .
             1. A Descriptive Title .
             a compelling introduction that both provides the reader with an overview of your topic as well as begins with an interesting picture of you as a learner.

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