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Expanding Roots Into Albania

             Albania is a country in South-eastern Europe, located right above the border of Greece and according to The World Bank (2014), "stands 76th in ease of starting a business"" (p. 16), "119th in ease of registering property and rights"" (p. 37), and "146th in the ease of paying taxes"" (p. 62); this is due to the multi-party democratic system now in place still being a kindling of a political system, which has seen instances of corruption, after communism was abolished in 1992. Albania has recently joined NATO and is a potential candidate working towards joining the EU (European Union). The EU says that until crime rates and corruption are lowered and media freedoms as well as minority/property rights are further strengthened, Albania will remain just a candidate; Albania has huge organized crime networks and a high rate of crime. .
             According to The World Bank (2014), from 2007 to 2012, the Albanian economy grew by 22% ", which is a giant leap after being renowned as one of Europe's poorest countries. Many Albanians are still unemployed and therefore seek jobs outside of the country and send income back to Albania which is an important source of revenue. Albania has a warm climate averaging 30ËšC in the summer and 10ËšC in the winter; shorts and a t-shirt are worn during the summer while pants and a leather jacket are worn in the winter. The style of fashion in Albania isn't far from Greece's or Italy's, the classic "European look " applies such as tight shirts and spiked hair. The traditional clothing that Roots has to offer may require alterations as well as a new line of clothing to prosper; otherwise challenging the current fashion sense is the only other option.
             Status of Economic Development.
             In the past decade, Albania has been enjoying rapid economic growth with an average of 6% in 2004-2008 and a smaller growth in 2009-2011 of 3% (Index Mundi, 2013). Also, the introduction of an open-market economy after the communist rule has established a foundation of market growth and trade between other countries.

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