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Marketing - The Zara Store of Melbourne, Australia

             There are many companies successfully running in the market (Car, Gallie & Corre, 2010). Zara Company is the one who designs the clothes in the field of fashion with the exception not to use specific marketing strategy. In this paper, the marketing issue of Zara's store in Melbourne" is identified and discussed along with demonstrating the problem in the marketing context. Thus, the paper makes the identification of comprehensiveness of marketing issues and proposes the methodology to investigate the problems of this organization. The next section of the paper describes the background of this organization for better understanding to the organizational issues in the context of marketing.
             Organizational Background.
             "Zara is a clothing retail store for women, men and children, concentrating sixty percent of their effort to the women clothing market. Besides retailing, Zara also designs, produces, and ships their lines of clothing to their Zara stores. Zara's corporate concept is to offer fashionable, trendy, designs at a reasonable price" (Car, Gallie & Corre, 2010). The key to their corporate success is to offer the latest propensities and fashions by their participants. They suppose that, they are in the fashion business, not the clothing business. As part of this corporate concept, the stores try to hold very low levels of inventory, often having their entire inventory out on display, in order to sell out and make room for the next wave of fashion. Their stores are located transversely in the main commercial areas of cities across America, Europe and Asia, with their base in La Coruna, Melbourne. The store locations are always located at prestigious, high-traffic locales. Ever since the Zara's store is opened in Melbourne, the store has been experiencing huge crowd of customers but it was commented that the launch of Zara in Melbourne is not compulsorily a high profile like other fashion stores in the city.

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