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Rescued from Sex Slavery by the Women's Community Center

            It has become evident that our service, Women's Community Center, is experiencing a growth in the number of Asian women using our facility. A review of the case notes has revealed symptoms and histories that would indicate that many of these women may have been trafficked into Australia for the purpose of sex slavery industry. As a social worker, at the Women's Community Centre, there is a need to research issues surrounding this cohort of women and the best practices that may be implemented to support them without causing further risk of harm. I ask that the board of Women's Community Centre support this research. Human trafficking is described by the United Nations (2009) as the acquisition of persons by improper means, either by force, fraud or deception, with the explicit aim of exploiting these persons. World Vision (2012), state that people who are trafficked are placed into many different exploitive situations. These include: commercial sex workers, sex shows, pornography, non-commercial sexual exploitation through marriage. They also note the rise in online sexual exploitation through the use of video-cams and the internet.
             Literature Review .
             With the increase number of Asian women, who are presenting to our service, who state they have been brought to Australia and now find themselves "bonded" and working in the sex trade industry, it has become evident that the circumstances of their situation would require workers who are aware of the Australian laws and the circumstances around trafficking as well as being culturally sensitive to their needs. I commenced my research with a review of available literature in order to find ways in which to offer support and guidance to these women who have been victimised. As our service uses a strength based framework, it was important for any work with involving the women presenting for assistance that any theory or practice be melded with this framework.

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