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Keeping the Masses Under Control in the Ancient Roman Empire

             The Ancient Roman Empire, regardless of social status, took their revelry and entertainment very seriously. As it is today, fun and amusement was a good way for the men and women of Rome to relax and unwind after a long, hard day. It was highly encouraged and also promoted by the government as a way to prevent people from protesting or coming to a realization of their hardships. The research will assess the effectiveness of this method by Roman rulers as a policy aimed at keeping people under control. First of all, it will be necessary to compare and contrast the different ways of entertaining the people according to social classes, as well as how they spend their leisure time. The objective of this assessment is to provide evidence in a way that it can be determined to what extent entertainment was indeed a true policy applied by government in order to keep people busy during the reign of Emperor Julius Caesar. In order to do it, some main sources and documents have been taken into consideration so that the declared proposal can be validated. In the very end, the reader will define the validity of the analysis.
             Summary Evidence.
             "The history of Greece and Rome has always attracted high numbers of people for different reasons, such as their ideas about government, democracy, and the education system, just to mention a few"" (Grimal, 2005). It is also interesting to see how successful they were in pacifying unhappy civilians and how well used they were so that the emperor could control them by using different techniques for that purpose. The Roman leaders were very intelligent and wise, as they were wordy, so they decided that the best way to maintain the Romans without noticing their misery was by using their passion, so they put up entertaining shows, where they watched different games. The leaders made sure that people believe that they were very well blessed by being observers of such shows.

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