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The Character of Michael in The Road to Perdition

            A journey is the metamorphosis of perspective and development of a traveller, which can result in dissolution, or enlightenment. At the end of journeys the traveller will emerge rebirthed for better or worse, after contact with new foreign perspectives along the way. These new aspects may contrast with their own, however ones values can be expanded and matured over these new insights. During the course of the journey towards perdition, Michael O'Sullivan junior the traveller has come into terms with many truths and abhorrent moral experiences, leaving him filled with doubt and anxiety, they open new possible roads in his life to be journeyed and explored. From these experiences Michael "must pick a road for himself to carry onward." Living a relatively peaceful life as an average child Michael is ignorant of his father's job as chief enforcer for Irish mob boss John Looney in Rock Island, Illinois, during the winter of 1930 circa The Great Depression". Michael Junior is abruptly pulled from his virtuous childhood after his father is betrayed by Looney. Michael Senior vowing retribution for the death of his wife and son, heads with Michael Junior on a journey to two kinds of Perdition; a town in Kansas, and the spiritual suffering they will undergo when the journey ends.
             Michael Junior experiences significant change in his walks of life during the physical journey towards Perdition. From living an innocent childhood, he is diverged onto a pathway towards adulthood. Michael, at the tender age of 11, is compelled to leave his childhood and take on the responsibilities of a man. He has no time to grieve over the loss of his family. All he has time for are the teachings of adult responsibilities by his father. Learning to drive a car is usually a privilege only reserved for adults, yet for Michael junior it is a necessity. Michael senior also encourages him to learn the ways of the criminal life, which forces Michael junior into the adult world.

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