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The Presence of Christ in Eucharistic Miracles  

            Before Christ's ascension, He promised His followers He would be with His people until the end of time. As a sign of His covenant, He instituted the Eucharist. He remains offering Himself up for us through the celebration of the Holy Mass.   By consuming the Eucharist, the Church is not only united to Christ but also participating in the blessed trinity. The Holy Eucharist, also known as one of the fascinating mysteries of the Catholic faith, "is the sum and summary of our faith" for the Eucharist is composed of the Church and Christ himself" (CCC 1327). Christ instituted the Eucharist as a "memorial of his death and resurrection" in order to leave a pledge of his love" (CCC 1337). The Catholic Church instructs that as the words of consecration are spoken, the bread and wine transform into the true body and blood of Christ through the act of Transubstantiation.    .
             The teaching of transubstantiation, the doctrine which states that the bread and wine are transformed into the true body and blood of Christ, is difficult to grasp. Many fail to understand its divinity due to its complexity. At the Last Supper as Jesus said, "this is my body.", He still held what appeared to be bread" (Matthew 26:26). However, the Church teaches that, "the underlying reality of the bread was [transfigured]", into His true body and blood as Jesus made that declaration" (CCC 1376). The variation between "substance" and "accidents" is dependent on the entity to which the term applies. This being the case, the body of Christ is the substance and the Hosts are the accidents. The Catholic Church proclaims that the doctrine of transubstantiation mainly focuses on what is changed, not how the change comes about. Not only is transubstantiation considered supernatural but also a type of mystery and miracle. Most miracles are recorded to have taken place during weakened periods of faith in transubstantiation. Through time miracles have clarified, united, and changed Christianity's view regarding Christ's true presence in the Eucharist.

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