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Airfoil Technology - Definition and Applications

             The airfoil (or aerodynamic) profile is a very useful and wide spreading human invention. Airfoil has functional ability to produce force in the perpendicular of its surface direction when it is involved in motion through air or water. This force can be adjusted by changing the profile's movement speed or by changing the angle between airfoil surface and the direction of its movement. Since the late 19th century people have used the ability of airfoil to produce force in many different designs and devices. In applications, airfoil force can be in different directions. When it is used in airplanes, helicopters and some types of hydrofoils, this force is directed upward, which is called "lift"." When this force is used in a sport car's rear wings, it is directed downward, and is called "downforce"." When it is used in rudders, sails and keels, and also in propellers and wind turbines, it is directed in a horizontal surface. This airfoil technology review explains the concept of the airfoil, and makes a brief survey about its origin, which abilities and properties it has, and where it is applied in everyday life. .
             The Usefulness of Airfoil.
             A Review of Airfoil Technology.
             Airfoil unites very different types of machinery which have a widespread occurrence in peoples' lives. Most famous of them are aircrafts, helicopters, propellers, wind turbines, hydrofoils and different sailing vessels. General Aviation Manufacturers Association (2011) says that "over 320,000 general aviation aircraft worldwide, ranging from two-seat training aircraft to intercontinental business jets, are flying today"," and "general aviation contributes more than $150 billion to the U.S. economy annually and employs more than 1,265,000 people." Another application of airfoil is wind turbines which produced about 238,351 megawatts of electricity total in the world at the end of 2011" (Global Wind Energy Council, 2012). Companies worldwide, and even in space, use the scientific discovery of airfoil.

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