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Violations in the Realm of Animal Rights

            Violations of animal rights and animal welfare laws are very common throughout the world. Slaughterhouses being one of the major violators of these laws, mistreat, underfeed and abuse animals. In order to gradually reduce the violations contributed by corporations such as the meat packing industry and facilities such as slaughter houses, close examination and constant inspections must occur. With these procedures the violations will eventually decrease and become less likely to continue, also conditions for both workers and animals will improve. The difference between animal rights and animal welfare is one focus' on whether or not animals "deserve a certain level of protection from pain caused by humans" (Animal Rights). The others focus mainly on the idea that animals and humans should be equal and receive the same freedoms and rights as humans are entitled to. Both sets of laws were made to protect animals from abuse and any form of mistreatment. Animal rights is based on the idea that animals and people should be equal and Animal Welfare is the idea that animals deserve the same protection people have against maltreatment or abuse. These laws help to ensure that animals are treated respectfully and less abusive. Slaughter houses are one of the main violators of both sets of these laws. ConAgra uses large feedlots to fit as many animals as possible and feed them at the same time, there are times during this process that the animals are so crammed together that the animals appear as if they are a "sea of cattle, a mooning moving mass of brown and white fur that goes on for acres" (Schlosser 149). This violates the law that states that an animal is supposed to be given enough space for them to be able to lie down, and in this feedlot the animals are so closely packed that they are being compared to a sea of cattle. These animal rights and welfare based laws enforce respectful and fair treatment for animals this includes the amount of food they are to be given and how much space they are to be given as well and how us as humans are supposed to treat them.

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