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Customer Relationship Management in India's Aviation Industry

             This projects focuses on the understanding the importance of Customer Relationship Management in the aviation industry in India. Firstly this project helps us understand the meaning of Customer relationship management for any business. CRM activities are very crucial for the growth of any business, it's is always necessary to understand the needs of customer and maintain good relations with them so that they can be provided with good services. The project focuses on the CRM activities taken up by Indigo airlines and analyzes the impact that those CRM activities on customers. The project analyses the activities and finds where these activities lack in their approach to cater to customers and further on that basis recommendations and suggestions have been made. For this we have prepared a questionnaire and a survey has been done to check what people experience through the CRM activities of Indigo airlines and helps us understand if consumers are aware about the activities and satisfied with the activities. Further this helps us understand the expectations of customers from the airlines and in what ways they want to be catered. The impacts of these .
             practices have been analyzed and finally on the basis of the study of objective of project final conclusion has been made. .
             Objectives .
             1. To identify and analyze the customer relationship activities taken by indigo airlines for customers. .
             2. To analyze the impact of CRM activities of Indigo Airlines on customers. .
             3. To give suggestions and recommendation as to improve the customer relationship activities. .
             Research Methodology .
             The research methodology used in this project will be deductive in nature. The research tools utilized in this project will be data of primary and secondary in nature. Secondary Data from books and web pages will be utilized. Primary data will be collected with the help of a communicating the Customer relationship Officers of Indigo airlines and getting to know the effectiveness of customer relationship activities.

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