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Behind the Lines of The Great Gatsby

             Scott Fitzgerald, reflects 1920's America brilliantly. Although Fitzgerald wrote the book almost a century ago, the themes and messages are still applicable to today. If one reads the story in between the lines, they will take away so much more. It is not only the skillfully written words on the surface that are important, but also the hidden meanings that can be found within those words. Gatsby's frequent parties cover many aspects of the novel as they hold symbolism for Gatsby's desire for Daisy, "new" money," and materialism. Throughout the story, it becomes evident that Gatsby throws his parties for reasons other than to entertain those around him. Gatsby has an underlying motive, which proves his desire for Daisy. During the parties, Gatsby is almost impossible to find. This isn't because he is bouncing around socializing, but instead because he is watching the socializing from afar by himself. Gatsby does not drink or take any part in his gathering revealing that he does not throw parties to party. It is especially suspicious that Gatsby invites people over to drink and provides them with alcohol even though he is against drinking. It is said in the novel that "It is indirectly due to Cody that Gatsby drank so little. " (100) Not only does Gatsby provide his guests with alcohol, but also food, live music, and a beautifully decorated party place. Each party is huge, extravagant, and much different than the average party. Anyone is allowed to come and, of course, almost everyone does. This results in his parties being very well known and attention grabbing. After reading in between the lines a little, it is easy to notice that Gatsby's goal is to attract the attention of one specific person. That person is Daisy. This goal is confirmed when Gatsby stops having his parties coincidentally right after he and Daisy start seeing each other again. .
             Their excessive and extravagant qualities have the ability to attract Daisy and show off his new wealth.

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