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Burn In Hell: Why American Politics are Completly Retarded

            Back in the day when the Founding Fathers of what was to become know as The United States of America, there was a man named George Washington. He warned us about forming into two politcal parties who were actively opposed to each other, but rather to have no afilication but American and talk about all issues openly and honestly with each other, not based on predujice of a set of ideals formed based simply by voting against each other, and the first person who says something is now the spokesman for his party and in direct oppostion to the other party about the issue, but pretend to have friends over there who they are sure would agree. They probably would agree if they were allowed to talk openly. .
             This is representive democracy, in the form a federal republic. By definition,and in practice a Federal Republic builds on smaller divisions of goverment who more or less started to trade with each other nad eventionaly to devoloped a national idendtity with. Its based on the community. Its simple. Vote for the best person you think would be good for the job. Political Parties should be outlawed. There was only one Party, the American Revolutionary Party. At least, that's maybe in a differenct country type nation because they're retarded and most likey speak Italian, and use lots of hair gel, and are smelly, then abortion should be kept safe, confidential, and most of all legal. Throw in somewhere we owe a lot to French People for the whole Chivalry thing because I want to be a Knight. With a Sword. .

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