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Symbolism and Imagery in The Story of an Hour

            In "The Story of an Hour,"" by Kate Chopin, symbols and imagery are used to to describe the new life appearing before Louise Mallards eyes. A transformation happened when Mrs. Mallard spent and hour in a "comfortable, roomy armchair ", in front of an open window, realizing the importance of her freedom." The author's use of springtime imagery to create a sense of renewal after Mrs. Mallard's husband dies. .
             Kate Chopin uses her vivid use of imagery when Mrs. Mallard hears of her husbands death. "When the storm of grief has spent itself " introduces the weather theme (15). The image of a violent and dark setting denotes death and grief. Her reaction to her husbands death is what society would expect. Although, her acute reaction shows that she is an demonstrative, emotional women. She may of stopped crying, but she knows that she will cry again when she sees her husbands body. When Mrs. Mallard got the news of her husbands death, she immediately raced upstairs to set in her "comfortable, roomy airchair." The armchair symbolizes the rest from the oppressive life she had and freedom from society's expectations. Sitting in the armchair, she gazes out of the window and starts indulges in deep thought, which establishes her as an intelligent individual. The open window from which Mrs. Mallard gazes is symbolic for her freedom. Her attention to the blue sky, fluffy clouds, tree tops and the delicious breath of rain represents her newly found inner well-being. The writer's use of language is well-chosen as it clearly portrays Mrs. Mallard's true feelings. By capturing all the senses, the imagery created represents her new life and establishes her as a round character. The open window provides a clear and bright view into the distance of her own bright future, which was blocked by the demands of her husband. .
             As Mrs. Mallard left the room, "there was a feverish triumph in her eyes, and she carried herself unwittingly like a goddess of victory.

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