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Culture and Independant Beliefs

            Belief is the confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to proof. Knowledge is a familiarity, awareness or understanding of someone or something. Beliefs and knowledge are correlated because beliefs help us understand knowledge on the truth. Beliefs exist because one may not agree with a practice and believe that it should be done a different way. I define Culture as is the ideas, beliefs, and values which are shared with a group of people or are carried on through many generations. People may have distrust in these concepts and therefore they create their own beliefs. Therefore, people will modify their beliefs based on their views of the culture they happen to being going against. In order to obtain knowledge, we need to know the controversial view as a fact, rather than a belief. We cannot obtain knowledge from a belief if that belief is not factual. When we have a belief, it is not certain, it is most likely just a view held by people surrounding you that has yet to be proven. The ways I can determine if my beliefs are true are by using the different ways of knowing that I learned in my Theory of Knowledge class. I believe that our knowledge and beliefs are translated from what we perceive, feel, and communicate. All of these ways of knowing are very dependent on the environment in which we reside in. We receive all of our knowledge and beliefs from our surroundings and society.
             In some cases, our knowledge and beliefs are entirely dependent on our culture. For example: the Hindu culture. Hinduism beliefs and knowledge are purely extracted from their culture. In the Hindu religion, the ritual Puja is practiced. "This is a ritual performed in the morning after bathing and dressing and before food is consumed. This ritual consists of worshipping Hindu gods. The point of this ritual is to connect the human realm with the divine. This ritual is similar to other religions in the sense that worshipping Hindu gods is the same as Morning Prayer.

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