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My Hearing Loss and Overcoming Obstacles

            Growing up, I became increasingly frustrated when I couldn't hear or misunderstood what was being said to me. I am a lip reader that follows along with voice. I believe this is how I acquired literacy as growing up with hearing loss. It wasn't until first grade when I struggled with understanding Mrs. Robert. She would teach lessons and I would sit and stare until I got a clear understanding. One day, I was sitting in class reading a book when Mrs. Robert called my name. I didn't know she was calling me until I looked up and she signaled her finger for me to come over. Later that week, I went to a speech and hearing center and found out that my hearing was getting to the point where I could become legally deaf. My audiologist prescribed me two pink hearing aids. Personally, I thought they were cool until the hearing aid started to whistle causing people to ask me "what's that in your ear." When people questioned me about my hearing aids; I stopped wearing them. Along with the hearing aid, I had a FM system. It was two boxes; one to connect to my hearing aids and one with a body microphone for the teacher. It only helped sometimes, so my teachers didn't make me wear them. They allowed me to sit in the front of the classroom never turning their back on me when teaching so I could read their lips. .
             As my hearing decreased, I began to have speech impairment. My tongue tied. Literally. I was presenting my "All about me" project and in the middle of my presentation, my tongue could not move. I was so embarrassed by it because my classmates started to laugh at me when I tried to continue my presentation. Looking lost and confused, I ran out of the class with tears streaming down my face. When I got home that day, my grandmother told me there was nothing to be ashamed of because God made me this way for a reason. Because I had two hearing aids and speech impairment, my principals tried to put me in Special Education and provide an aid.

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