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The Incomparable Julius Caesar

            Historically, the best leaders are those who have been able to make many profound and long lasting impacts on the world. The actions of many effective leaders have had the power to change the course of the world within days. The likes of Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan are remembered for their great conquests and massive kingdoms, but there is more to being a strong leader than simply having the biggest army. A truly effective leader must tend to the needs of their citizens while simultaneously looking to improve the longevity of their nation. Gaius Julius Caesar was one such leader. His ability to captivate the love and respect of his people was astounding. They loved him for good reason of course, as he made long lasting influences that benefited the Roman Republic both during and after his reign as ruler. This begs the question, how did Julius Caesar's' life and death impact the Roman Republic? Julius Caesar was able to have an impact on the Roman Republic through his military campaigns, his political brilliance and the repercussions of his death.
             Caesar is arguably best well known for his many successful military campaigns. Not only was he was able to strategically use war as a tool to help develop Rome as a country, but he also used it to benefit his own purposes. Caesar's Gallic campaign is widely regarded as one of Rome's most successful campaigns of all time. His time as consul of Rome resulted in extreme debt that left him searching for a way to amass some wealth in Rome. He saw the territories of Gaul as a perfect solution to this problem. Gaul held enough wealth to repay the debt many times over, making it a prime target for Caesar and his armies. Gaul was comprised of many different tribes of people, some of which had begun to settle on Roman land. This provided Caesar with a golden opportunity to make it seem as if a war was necessary to defend Rome. After 8 years of fighting, Rome had successfully expanded over the whole of Gaul and quickly accumulated vast amounts of riches.

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