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Book Analysis - Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

            When the rights of humans are disregarded and disobeyed injustice occurs. "The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass," follows the hardships Douglass endured as a slave in his rise to being a freeman. Only few of the many injustices of slavery – unnecessary death, brutality, and abuse of authority – Douglass encountered these throughout his life as a slave. Apartheid was a system of government that emplaced segregation laws in favor of the white minority in South Africa. Apartheid was an ongoing problem in South Africa but recently many reforms have been made to end the racial segregationist laws. Unnecessary death, brutality, abuse of power – all are injustices that occurred due to apartheid and in Douglass' life. .
             Douglass witnessed many unnecessary deaths in his life; in addition South Africa's authorities murdered many innocent individuals in its pursuit to protect apartheid. In Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, a slave was fishing on Mr. Bondly's property and in outrage Mr. Bondly shot and killed the slave (Douglass 32). Mr. Bondly murdered the slave fishing due to the only reason that he was fishing on his property. Mr. Bondly was never accused of murder and the only repercussion Mr. Bondly faced was to meet with Colonel Lloyd. In South Africa, a large group of non-white school children were protesting non-white education policies when authorities shot on the protesters killing and wounding thousands (South Africa). The protesters were causing no harm to the area, just fighting for equal rights, when the police shot and killed many for the only reason of protesting. Among the protesters where many innocent, children, who did not deserve to be killed or wounded. South Africa murdered many people in order to uphold apartheid; Slaves were often murdered for no apparent reason or an unjustifiable reason in front of Douglass throughout his lifetime. .
             The abuse of power was a great issue in South African government as well as in Douglass' life.

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