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Her - Directed by Spike Jonze

            The film "Her" (2013), directed by Spike Jonze, is about a lonely writer who develops a strange relationship with his brand new artificially intelligent operating system that is designed to meet his every need. Both the cinematographer of the film, Hoyte van Hoytema, and director Spike Jonze make very specific decisions when taking into account the placement of the main character of the film, Theodore Twombly, within the shot of the camera to display his chronic loneliness throughout the progress film, as well as make the audience feel the same claustrophobic and lonely feelings that Theodore Twombly feels by using these camera shots. .
             The movie starts off in the near future with Theodore Twombly working as a writer for a card company "he writes letters for other people. He is going through a divorce and is incredibly lonely all the time but does not admit it to any of his friends. He buys a brand new artificially intelligent operating system. He starts to develop a relationship and friendship with the new operating system, whose name is Samantha, although he at first is skeptical of her and doesn't exactly know what to do with her. Samantha is learning about the world at an extremely fast pace, and her and Theodore eventually develop a romantic relationship "with this new found romantic relationship, Theodore becomes slightly happier and starts to talk to his friends more often again. As they continue to grow romantically, they start to have what seems to be very abnormal problems in the relationship as Samantha falls in love with other operating systems and other people and Theodore continues to be his lonely self-doubting self. Theodore meets up with his ex-wife to finalize their divorce, but while he is talking to his ex-wife he tells her about Samantha. His ex-wife doesn't understand why Theodore has to date his "computer"" and can't actually handle a real relationship.

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