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Education and Literacy Dependency

            Rockets that can go deep into outer space, phones with capabilities that surpass some computers, satellites that can see every detail of the planet, all this was achieved only because of one thing, education. Without education and literacy the human race would still be stuck in the medieval ages. Education plays such an important role because it always advances. Almost everything we know comes from learning it at school or some other form of instruction. Every day we learn more and more about how the world around us works because of education. Literacy is also important because it's the backbone of our communication.
             Literacy is such an important aspect of our lives. Without it there would be no communication between humans. The way we talk, read, and write is all influenced by how literate we are. All of these things can be improved with practice. Your vocabulary, grammar, critical reading skills and being able to comprehend are all parts of literacy. This is what makes literacy so important in the real world. For most jobs, these qualities are what employers look for. Employers want someone that has good literacy. This is needed because the person needs to be able to write respectable job reports that get the information across in a good organized way. It is also needed for reading contracts. The last thing an employer wants is someone to a contract wrong and it ending up costing the company a ton of money. The person needs to be able to work in a team, they need to be able to listen and respond and work together with other people in order to meet their task. Being able to present is a very important form of literacy, they should be able to present and grab someone's attention in order to receive funding or whatever they're trying to accomplish. .
             Reading is also a very important form of literacy. By reading the person is exposed to more vocabulary, they learn more about grammar, and their critical reading skills are vastly improved.

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