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Cultural Identity in The Great Gatsby

            Identity is expressed from many different channels within F. The word identity is defined as the set of personal and behavioural characteristics which define an individual as a member of a certain group. Based on race, ethnicity, religion, language and culture people distinguish themselves from other groups and form their understanding and pride in who they are. So naturally cultural identity refers to the identity derived from ones cultural surroundings. In the case of The Great Gatsby these cultural surroundings are an early 1920's America, specifically New York and the adjacent Long Island. The period of the 1920s in New York City was widely regarded as an era of prosperity. Unemployment amongst urban workers remained, on average, under 7 percent. Per capita income grew by a third during a decade of economic expansion that remained relatively unmarred by inflation and recession. The standard of living improved across the board for the employed sector of the economy. However this essay is not exploring American history beyond explaining aspects of the text. I intend to examine and prove in the following paragraphs that the cultural identity presented within The Great Gatsby is one that is extremely distinct and however barely secure, that one's identity can be summed up by the money in their pocket and even more so, its origin, why at the same time the cultural identity with the novel is shifting in the same way it did in the actual 1920's.
             Identity within The Great Gatsby's 1920's American setting is strongly defined as mentioned above by monetary circumstance. Gatsby is an incredibly wealthy man as can be easily understood by the description of his mansion, parties and so forth found within the novel. He has been in constant pursuit of greater fortune for the significant final half of his lifespan. He builds his identity based on this money, just as his cultural surroundings would have him do.

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