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The Basics of Cleanliness

            What is cleanliness? Is it the shining floor? Is it the 'fragrance everywhere'? Or is it both? Yes, it is. But there are more about it. Cleanliness is the hygiene of you and your home, place, things and mostly your physical tidiness. Why should we care about cleanliness? Well, cleanliness leads to a healthy lifestyle. Why is it so? It is because cleanliness can help us avoid bad bacterias and viruses that can cause illnesses such as dengue fever, which is brought by the aedes mosquitoes. How can we maintain our cleanliness? It is quite easy. There are several interesting ways of doing it.
             First of all, you should learn how to take care of your own cleanliness. How? You can easily do it by taking a bath at least two times a day to keep your body free from bad bacterias. Brushing your teeth everyday can help to keep your precious teeth from decaying because of the cavities developing around in your mouth. You don't want to be a nanny without teeth at young age don't you? Remember! You have to wash your hands everytime before eating or even after touching anything dirty or even using the toilet. It is very important of doing so as your palms are actually having more bacterias than the toilet bowl. So, please bear in mind to wash your hands before consisting any foods.
             How about your house? Cleaning your house at least once a week is not a bummer. Sometimes it only takes several minutes to do so. You can organize a cleaning timetable for each of your family members, such as your dad doing the vacuuming, your brother throwing all the rubbish to the dumpster, your sister cleaning the toilet and many more. You have to make sure that all the pots of your plants outside your house to be free from aedes. It is not hard to do these things as it only consume 10 minutes or less. You can make a competition among your family members to make it interesting. .
             Why do you have to have a clean well-scented toilet? It is because dirty and smelly toilets equals to bad bad bad bacterias.

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