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Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Assignment

             Based on your early research and readings to date in IMC you are required to make a post on the Interac. The Post requires 2 parts; Post 100 quality words defining IMC in the 21st century, synthesize what the text says with at least one other source and "in-text" reference both of these.
 Based on the above definition and reality of IMC, briefly (200 words) discuss an organisational example of IMC current or otherwise, (good or bad) and provide a link to some part of that example i.e. a web site and discuss how it works with other media. You can post other examples to the Resources tab of the Interac site if required.
 This post needs to be posted by midnight on the due date. Posting as per the Task will earn you between 5 and 10 marks, anything less 0 marks! CSU requires you to reference in American Psychological Association (APA) referencing style.
             Integrated marketing communication (IMC) basically focuses on advertising, direct marketing, sales, and promotions which are the four main areas of marketing communication (Belch, 2009). The whole concept behind IMC is to maximize the impact a company has on consumers. According to Clow & Baack (2014), IMC integrates all marketing communication tools. In the 21st century, era of technology, the Internet push IMC becomes more significant in marketing practices. The Internet creates alternative methods of communication such as social media, online-marketing, database marketing which improve communication between marketers and other stakeholders as consumers spend more time online and even on mobile devices. Moreover, online medias can reduce the cost of mass media. .
             Ikea is one of the organizations that apply IMC with its marketing strategy. Ikea creates a communication between itself and their customers with many ways. Referring to Ikea.com, in-store experience is one of the great communications to customers. The real experience can help customers make decision easier.

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