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Bodybuilding and Powerlifting

            Bodybuilding and powerlifting are very similar but also have a lot of differences, They both involve lifting weights but they are different sports. Bodybuilders focus mostly on building muscles and lose fat and getting into a good shape but powerlifters usually don't care about being in a good shape or be fit. Their main goal is to get strong as they can and to reach that goal they have to lift heavy weight by exercises such as; Squat, Deadlift and bench press.
             When we hear about a bodybuilders we immediately think that he or she must have use a sort of amount of supplement, balance his diet and eat special food and has proper recovery but when the word powerlifting comes to our mind we first think of big men or women that push heavy weight and eat all kind of food just to get stronger and bigger. with all said we can take a closer look to the similarities and differences of bodybuilding and powerlifting; for similarities they both have to go through a peaking point wich is bodybuilders have to eat all source of food(clean and healthy food) such as; Protein, Amino acid, Glutamine and other necessary supplements and they go through a bulking program. The main goal in this schedule is to lose fat and gain muscle as much as they can by lifting heavy weight with high reps. Powerlifter also like bodybuilder should have eat enormous food and lift weight as heavy as he can just as bodybuilder does.
             Both bodybuilders and powerlifters have to incorporate experimentation into their regimens. It's important to know what works for your body and what does not. Both groups should have consider the idea of sleep and recovery, It's very important to sleep between seven untill eight hours a week because when you are lifting you are breaking your muscle cells and fibers so you have to consider a time to recover that area which provides with sleep besides nutrition part. This is another important fact, Both groups have to be prepared mentally.

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