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Coke versus Pepsi; Old against Young

            Television, magazines, newspapers, billboards, web sites and radio programs are.
             components of the media that have an effect on the general public. They strongly.
             influence my behavior and choices, furthermore they can inspire, spark an.
             incredible range of emotions and feelings. Without these discourses, I believe.
             that the world would be like a soda without the fizz. .
             I think that advertisements are especially something very important in our.
             lives. Since I can remember, I've been surrounded by various kinds of ads.
             which have influenced me throughout my whole life. Sometimes they encourage me.
             to do something extraordinary, but in most cases they will encourage me to buy,.
             even though I might never make use of the product. This is how advertising.
             works. Advertisements are here to make changes, to influence people and their.
             whole lifestyle. .
             The companies' top priorities however, is to increase their amount of sales.
             Sometimes, if their advertisements are appealing to the public, then they will.
             enable the company to increase its sales, thus increasing its revenue. If this.
             happens it becomes a big seller and everybody will be willing to own it. But can.
             we resist? I think in most cases it's hard because the media plays a big role.
             in this world. Advertisements exist everywhere, not only in well-developed.
             countries but also in parts where people have no money and the economy is bad.
             however, we don't have a choice; we have to manage to live with ads. Our.
             lifestyles rely on marketing, thus we must have advertisements. .
             In this business it's not only that you lose money by buying stuff, you can.
             also achieve a huge amount of money by making a good advertisement. One way to.
             have an effective promotion is to use famous people in their advertisements.
             That's how it works in big companies. They pay thousands of dollars to.
             celebrities to wear, drink, or eat their products in front of the public. .
             A good example of these strategies in action is the Coca-Cola company.

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