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All Quiet on the Western Front and Men of Purpose

            Throughout means of entertainment, novels and movies have brought us some detailed information and scenes about war. The movie "Men Of Purpose " and the novel "All Quiet On The Western Front " by Erich Maria Remarque have different perspectives in terms of men in war.
             The similarity between "Men Of Purpose" and "All Quiet On The Western Front,"" is patriotism. Paul said, "We loved our country as much as they; we went courageously into every action; but also we distinguished the false from true, we had suddenly learned to see. And we saw that there was nothing of their word left " (AQWF-13). It seems that times have changed; but that the older generation does not recognize this change. The soldiers had to learn how to distinguish the false from the true. On the other hand, the soldiers in the movie "Men Of Purpose " showed their patriotism in a different way. Most of them went through the 9/11-incident, and they had to stand up in order to protect their country. From the incident, Ms. Creighton said "These kids, they look at the world in a different way. And it is awful " (Men Of Purpose " Denise Creighton, Saint Anthony's High School).
             The novel "All Quiet On The Western Front " told us that the sacrifices of the men in war were not glory. First of all, in the first chapter of the book, the men's already felt regret signing up. They wish that Kantorek, the schoolmaster, was there on the front with them, got shot with the rest of them, as he was the one who encouraged the boys to enlist,.
             Naturally we couldn't blame Kantorek for this. Where would the world be if one brought every man to book? There were thousands of Kantorek's, all of whom were convinced that they were acting for the best-in a way that cost them nothing.
             And that is why they let us down so badly. (AQWF-12).
             Secondly, later in Chapter 4, Paul, the main character in the novel, states "The rats here are particularly repulsive, they are so fat- the kind we all call corpse-rats " (AQWF-102).

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